Kraft Monster : Bhasinsoft
Printable House Warming Invites
Pocket sized moving announcements / house warming invites! These mini cards are fun and easy to make.
Terry Burp Cloths
Accessories,DIY,Sew It
Sew your own terry burp cloths for your infant. You'll need plenty of them for sure!
Washi Dressed Candles
Candles,Party,Washi Tape
Washi tape candles - to make your cake look more tempting and fun!
Wooden Centrepiece Boxes
DIY,Home Decor & Gardening
Tired of your boring room decor? Add some spunk into your room with these elegant wooden centrepieces!
Jewelled Bobby Pins
Don't throw away your broken Jewellery yet! Here's something creative you can do from it.
DIY Matte Lipstick
Turn any lipstick into a matte lipstick - save your buck!
DIY Hair Ties
Probably the most easiest DIY ever! Gather those pretty elastics - they make great party favors!
Leather Hair Bow
Learn how to make this beautiful hair accessory in simple steps!
Hair Comb Makeover
Learn how to make your own set of hair accessories with this tutorial