Kraft Monster : Air-dry Clay Jewellery Bowls

Air-dry Clay Jewellery Bowls

DIY air dry clay jewelry bowls on aliceandlois.com



  • Air Dry Clay
  • Rolling pin
  • Glass bowls
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Fine sandpaper


  1. Roll out air dry clay on smooth surface. Roll to thickness of 1/4 inch.
  2. Place bowl top side down on to clay. Cut around the edge of the bowl with a knife. Lift off clay gently and place inside the bowl. To make the nesting bowl set, I simply used my glass nesting mixing bowls from my kitchen. I used the smallest four.
  3. Push clay into bowl until it touches the bottom and side. Smooth edges with your finger. Let clay dry overnight, up to a day until dry.
  4. Pop out the dried clay from the glass bowls and sand the edges with the sandpaper.
  5. Paint the bowls however you’d like with acrylic craft paint.

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