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All Occasion Banner


  • Chalk cloth (Chalkboard Vinyl) – 1/4 yard is plenty (I used a 1/3 yard cut, split in half)
  • Chalk
  • Black thread
  • High quality felt (not wool) – 1/4 yard
  • 3 yards ribbon, bias tape, trim (whatever you want to string your banner with)
  1. You need to cure your chalk cloth. Dont skip this step because without curing if you write on it, it will be permanent or will leave an etched look.
  2. Load up a piece of clean scrap fabric with chalk dust and rub all over the chalk cloth.
  3. Back this chalk cloth with felt by just glueing along the perimeter.
  4. Trace pennant shapes. Or any other you would like to. Click HERE link to get a free pattern. All you need is atleast 14 pennant shapes.
  5. Quilt the felt and the chalk cloth together. You need to sew a line on either side of the drawn lines so that you can cut each pennant out later. Roll the fabric to help it fit through the arm of the sewing machine so you can get the whole area quilted.
  6. Dont worry about the vinyl sticking to you presser foot and become difficult to sew. The felt bottom and the cured chalk dusted vinyl on top will help it guide almost effortlessly through your machine.
  7. TIP: To turn the fabric, crank your needle in the down position, lift the presser foot and spin your fabric as needed. Replace the presser foot and resume sewing.
  8. Now cut out each pennant carefully in between the lines you sewed.
  9. Then add the ribbon/trim/bias tape. This project particularly used a gold single fold bias tape and hot glued it on. You can sew them too. For a few you leave the tops open so that you can add little pretty flowers just to get that fresh happy feel.

Tips to maintain your chalkboard banner
  • Use chalkboard eraser or a scrap piece of cloth/fabric to clean it. To erase it completely use elbow grease.
  • Don't wash with water. If so recure it after it is completely dry.
  • Try to use a blunt tipped piece of chalk. Using a sharp one would etch your cloth permanently.

Birthday or a party or even a simple day, just chalk on the message that would greet and make you and your guests smile!!!!!!!!  

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