Kraft Monster : Baby Bibs

Baby Bibs

DIY baby bibs on aliceandlois.com



  1. Print the bib pattern pages (click here —>) Baby bib pattern
  2. Cut the patterns and tape pages together. Line up pattern on terry cloth fabric fold and pin. You could also use a favorite bib you have on hand, like I did. My photos show me using a baby bib I liked to use as the pattern.
  3. Cut the terry cloth fabric around the pattern.
  4. Lay the cut terry fabric on the the right side of the printed fabric and pin. Cut the printed fabric. You can also use scrap fabric and sew pieces of fabric together for the front of bib.
  5. Sew the two fabrics together leaving a 2 inch opening on the bottom portion of bib.
  6. Pull the fabrics through the opening.
  7. Tuck the opening inside to match the sides.
  8. Iron the bib.
  9. Sew a top stitch – you can use a straight or zig-zag stitch.
  10. Now add velcro to the ends of the bib. 

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