Kraft Monster : Baby Drool Bandana

Baby Drool Bandana


  • Terry Cloth small size though you can buy a metre or so and make many 
  • Cotton cloth of cute designs
  • Velcro or a hook to join 
  • Scissors


  1. Cut out two squares one from the terry cloth and one from the cotton.
  2. Though the size of square vary according to your child's neck, an approximate size would be 11 inch by 11 inch
  3. Once you have your squares, cut diagonally so you have two triangles; therefore one square makes two bibs.
  4. Pin the right side of your terry cloth and cotton together and sew, leaving a 2-3 inch gap. Terry cloth requires a longer stitch length and can be slightly tricky, but it's not too difficult.
  5. Once sewn, flip your bib right side out, pulling it through the gap. 
  6. Sew the gap with a needle and thread
  7. Now just attach your velcro. You can sew it or some just adhere to the fabric.
  8. Beautiful cute bibs are ready for the drooling baby!

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