Kraft Monster : Baby Swadle Blanket

Baby Swadle Blanket

swaddle.main. DIY swaddle blanket with bleach pen on aliceandlois.com



  1. Cut the fabric to 44 in by 44 in. You want to have a square of fabric for a swaddle blanket. Wash and iron the fabric.
  2. Prep fabric for a finished hem. The gauze I purchased had a nice finished selvage edge so I only had to hem the top and bottom. Press and fold over the edge twice to set your hem. I only pinned a quarter way across as it was just as easy to feed it through the sewing machine.
  3. Sew the hem on the unfinished edges.
  4. Lay out sheets of freezer paper on kitchen floor. Tape down the fabric on top of the freezer paper.
  5. Bleach pen drawing tips: Practice your design – I drew leaves, arrows and a henna tattoo inspired design.
  6. Using bleach pen, draw your design directly onto the fabric. You do not need a thick amount of bleach gel – a little goes a long way. Try not to get bubbles in the bleach design.
  7. You want to do it quickly as the bleach starts working immediately. Since you are working with thin fabric, leave the bleach on the fabric for no more than 10 minutes. I recommend having a good amount of space in your design.
  8. You are working with bleach – wear old clothes and rubber gloves, have good ventilation and make sure your kids are not helping you with this project.

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