Kraft Monster : Beaded Collar Neckpiece

Beaded Collar Neckpiece


  • 5 meters Cotton Cord 1mm thick in beige color
  • 55 12 mm Blue Ceramic Beads 
  • 17 white wooden beads(15mm) in beige color
  • 7 Resin 13x17mm pink beads
  • 6 resin beads 13X17mm in blue color
  • 9 resin beads 13X17mm in red color
  • 6 resin beads 13X17mm in red wine color
  • Terminal with carabiner included with 3mm hole
  • Flat pliers and scissors.
  • Clasp


  1. Cut of 1.5 meters of cotton yarn and insert 4 blue beads to form a circle.
  2. Repeat the same for the other blue beads but each time the thread should pass through the previous circle of beads in a row until you finish 31 blue beads.
  3. Once the first row of blue is finished start with the second row anchored to the first in the white wooden beads.Stitch right angle
  4. Repeat the process for the red and red wine bead as well. It should appear like the picture below.Finish the trellis necklace
  5. For the chord to go around the neck slide yarns  at the ends of the blue beads and thread in the remaining blue beads equally on both sides.
  6. Attach the clasp. You are done!!!!!!



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