Kraft Monster : Butterfly Wing Necklace

Butterfly Wing Necklace



  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  • A plastic recipient
  • A screw eyepin or a wire loop
  1. Trace the shape of the wing on the cardboard, but slightly bigger (about 3mm bigger). This will be your mould’s base
  2. Then trace another larger outline and connect the two of them with perpendicular lines. This will be your moulds walls.
  3. Cut along the perpendicular line and lift up the small pieces.
  4. Cut a strip of cardboard and glue it around your shape to enforce the walls.
  5. Use tape to seal every crack and hole and to create a uniform smooth surface.
  6. Mix the resin according to the package instructions and pour half of it in the mould.
  7. Carefully place the wing in the middle and let it sit for a 20 minutes so that the first layer of resins hardens just a little, than pour the rest of the     mix over the wing.
  8. Let it harden for 24-48 hours, than take it of the mould. Use a fine nail file to smooth the edges, only where it is necessary
  9. I used clear nail polish over the filed areas to restore the translucency
  10. Using a very small drill or a screw eyepin, attach a loop to your pendant so you can wear it on a chain

Do similar simple yet pretty jewellery by using shells, tiny feathers, seed beads or even gold foil and also Dried flowers, leaves or herbs too... Just look around to find the perfect one for you!!


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