Kraft Monster : Concrete Coasters

Concrete Coasters

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  • pourable concrete mix around 500 lbs
  • thick and glossy magazine covers, card stock, or cereal boxes for making the moulds 
  • corrugated cardboard for making the inserts 
  • plastic containers to mix concrete, plastic bags for curing concrete 
  • exacto knife or scissors, hot glue and tape for the molds 
  • gloves, dust mask


  1. First of all make Molds and Decorative Accents 
  2. Start by drawing 4 inch diameter circles onto card stock with a can of tomatoes! 
  3. Cut out modern graphic elements such as triangles, raindrops, strips, etc. 
  4. Cut out shapes from the corrugated cardboard, arrange and glue them onto the card stock inside the circles we drew. 
  5. Cut long strips of thick magazine paper at 1/4″ to 3/8″ thick. This will be the thickness of the coasters. 
  6. Tape the ends together using the can as a guide, and glue them onto the card stock with hot glue
  7. Next procedure is to make concrete moulds.
  8. Sift and Mix Concrete 
  9. Mix the concrete following the proportions recommended on the bag, using the screened concrete as if it is the original mix. 
  10. Wear dust mask and gloves when working with concrete to avoid any inconvenience
  11. Set the molds on a very flat surface, with a large sheet of plastic underneath, which is needed in the curing process. Pour the mix into the mold till it’s level with the top of the rim. Pat gently to make each coaster as level as possible.
  12. Next is the Curing Process. Let the coasters stay in the molds and cure for at least 3 days by misting them daily and wrapping them in plastic sheet so that the concrete hardens as much as possible so they don’t chip or break. The more moisture you can keep in the plastic wrap the better.
  13. Let it cure for another couple of days
  14. Fot the finishing touches brush the entire surface with Mod Podge as that will protect it from stains, moisture and also keep the inserts i8n place
  15. Finally add 3 mini felt pads at the back surface to protect your table top

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