Kraft Monster : Confetti Balloons

Confetti Balloons


  • Transparent balloons
  • Ready made confetti or coloured cardboard and Hole puncher
  • Funnel
  • Helium or plastic stick + hot glue + flat simple button
  • Ribbon or string
  1. Make your own confetti if you don’t have any and make a few slightly bigger (I used the inner hole of tape as a reference).
  2. Insert your balloon at the end of the funnel and start adding small confetti. The bigger ones might have to be added by hand. Now blow (or fill with helium)  till you’re happy with the size of the balloon. Finish by making a knot.
  3. Using  the hot glue attach the button to the tyed end of the balloon and then use the glue again to attach the stick to the button.  The tricky part is making the glue dry while keeping balloon and stick in the position you want at the end (straight vertically in our case).
  4. Add a pretty ribbon or just a simple string and you’re done!

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