Kraft Monster : DIY Bow-Tie

DIY Bow-Tie

diy bow tie



  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Bow tie clip,
  • Thread and a needle. 
  1. Cut a rectangle measuring, 12x23 cm/ 4.5x9 inch, from the fabric. Also cut another rectangle measuring 4.5x12 cm/1.5x4.5 inch. The larger rectangle is for the tie and the smaller one for the knot.
  2. Start with the large rectangle and fold the long sides in towards the middle.
  3. Then fold the short sides towards the middle, make them overlap a bit.
  4. Sew a few stiches and tighten. You’ll now see the shape already.
  5. Attach the clip with a couple stiches through the tiny holes on both sides. 
  6. Then fold the small rectangle’s long sides towards the middle, twirl it around the bow tie and clip two times and seal it with a few stiches.

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