Kraft Monster : DIY Decoupage Candles

DIY Decoupage Candles

Diy Decoupage Candles


  • Plain candles to decorate,
  • Pretty patterned napkins,
  • A metal spoon,
  • And a tea light for heating the spoon over
  1. Cutt out any shapes or sections of the napkins you want to use.
  2. Peel apart all the layers. You only want the layer with the design printed on it.
  3. Layout your napkin design on the candle.
  4. Heat the spoon over the tea light, upside down so that if the spoon is blackened because of heating it wont rub off onto your candles
  5. Rub the spoon over your chosen design until you start to see the wax melting through the napkin. Try not to apply too much pressure as you can easily melt the candle and leave it looking uneven.
  6. Reheat the spoon and repeat until the design is fully covered.
  7. Add more pieces until you're happy with the overall design before leaving to cool.
See you end up doing some professional looking candles that you can really be proud off...

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