Kraft Monster : DIY Lavender Mint Balm

DIY Lavender Mint Balm


  • 3 oz. lavender & mint infused jojoba oil
  • 1 oz. natural beeswax
  • 1 ml GMO-free vitamin E oil
  • 1.5 ml lavender essential oil (optional, if you’d like more scent)


  1. First make your infused oil, combine your herbs (lavender flowers and mint)  in a small saucepan covering them with the jojoba oil. 
  2. Set the heat on warm or the lowest setting and allow to “stew” for 3-4 hours. 
  3. Alternately, you can fill a pot about 2/3's of water and then place a mason jar with your herbs and oil into the water over low heat.
  4. Once you’ve infused your oil, strain it through cheesecloth. It’s now ready to use.
  5. Using a digital scale weigh out the beeswax and melt in double boiler.
  6. Then weigh out the lavender and mint infused oil and stir into the melted beeswax. (Keep your leftover oil infusion for future projects by keeping sealed and storing in a cool, dark location.)
  7. Next, use graduated transfer pipettes to measure out the vitamin E oil and, if desired, the lavender essential oil. 
  8. Stir into the liquified beeswax and oil mixture then pour into glass salve jars or tins. 

Want to mix this natural balm recipe up a bit more?

Try infusing the lavender flowers with lemon balm (another mint) or lemongrass. Or add 1ml of lemongrassor lemon balm essential oil into the balm recipe.

A superb extension of the same balm recipe. 


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