Kraft Monster : Dresser - Planter

Dresser - Planter


  1. Remove the knobs for painting and cleanup the dresser.
  2. Then dry brush it using CeCe Caldwell paint in Alaskan Tundra Green. Since you are only dry brushing a small sample size tin of the paint is enough.
  3. Use CeCe Caldwell Vintage white paint for accent painting. Also paint the sides of the drawers since they are usually untreated wood.
  4. Put some scrap lumber to mark off the space where you would put the soil. Fill up the drawers with soil as a result of which it may get heavy in the front so add some heavy stones behind the divider panel of each drawer. 
  5. Place the dresser on some edger stones so that it would not sit on water always. This would let all the excess water flow out freely underneath.
  6. Also use stones to support the bottom drawer.
  7. Fix those knobs back by giving them a earthy makeover say stick a slice of tree trunk to give that garden feel to it.
  8. Put the drawers back and start planting.
  9. Choose hang over plants and some herbs for planting.
That's it... enjoy the beautiful blooms of the spring!!!!!

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