Kraft Monster : Floating Heart Backdrop

Floating Heart Backdrop


  • Clear fishing line
  • Heart punch
  • Card stock in fun colors
  • Tape (regular and painter)
  • Scissors

Use the punch to punch out a ton of hearts.  For this set up, I needed 20 garlands with 6 hearts each. Since I used 6 colors, I only needed 20 hearts of each color, plus a few extra to mix and match.

Once all of your hearts are cut out, make 20 sets of 6. Try and mix up the colors so each stack is a little different.

Cut a piece of fishing line and strand your garland on the table with tape. Fishing line is a bit tricky to work with and you can lose your pieces really easily. Set up a workspace on the floor. Measure the distance  from the ceiling to where you want the last heart to land.  Tear off ten pieces of painter's tape and place five on each end about six inches apart. Take the fishing line and pull it out 12 inches. Tape it down at one end of the floor and pull the spool down to the second piece of tape. Tape the line taut and cut. Start at the other end and tape down four more pieces. Once your lines are taped, add each set of hearts by lining up the center of the heart underneath each line, about a foot apart. Repeat until you have all of your hearts under the lines. Check and move colors around until it looks fabulous.

Then take a small piece of tape and attach each heart to the line. Make sure all of your hearts are attached before peeling back the painters tape and hanging.

Hang your garlands one at a time, starting five feet from the wall, and hang one garland to the edge of your photobooth area.  Add the remaining garlands 1 foot apart, also attaching to the ceiling.

Make 5 more garlands on the floor and hang the first one one foot closer to the wall and six inches left to where you placed the previous row's garland. Hang the rest of the garlands and repeat with the next two rows.

I made five garlands and immediately hung them, but you can make five and store them until you are going to hang them. Keep them separate folded accordion style in a sandwich baggie or wrap around a paper towel roll to keep them from tangling.


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