Kraft Monster : Flower Cluster Necklace Pendant

Flower Cluster Necklace Pendant

finished flower cluster pendant necklace


  • 20mm Polymer Clay Flower Beads
  • 10mm Porcelain Flower Beads
  • 4mm Bicone Czech Glass Beads
  • 3mm Round Seed Beads
  • 0.3mm Tiger Tail Wire
  • Neckalce Making Chain
  • Scissors

Step 1: Make 5 beaded loops

  1. Cut a length of tiger tail wire to approximately 100cm. Then, fold it in half and slide one 4mm bicone bead to center location.
  2. Add three 3mm seed beads, one 4mm bicone bead and three 3mm seed beads onto per wire.
  3. Direct the flower bead down to the center of seed beads and bicone beads.
  4. Pass the two ends through the seven beads added on each wire.
  5. Thread the wires through one extra 4mm bicone bead from two directions to form a loop. Make five such loops.
make the first beaded loop

Step 2: Add the focal 20mm polymer clay flower

  1. Take the two ends towards left side.
  2. Pass them through the 20mm polymer clay flower bead together.
  3. Pass the two wires through the five beads nearby the opposite 10mm flower bead and tighten the wire ends as snugly as you can.
tighten the wire

Step 3: Make another beaded loop

  1. Add three 3mm seed beads per wire;
  2. Through the two ends through the 10mm porcelain clay bead from two directions;
  3. Add three 3mm seed beads, one 4mm bicone bead, one 3mm seed bead and three 3mm seed beads on either wire; 4th, knot two ends tightly.
Make another beaded loop

Step 4: Complete the backside of flower pendant

  1. Take the longer wire end and exit it at the second seed bead nearby.
  2. Add one 4mm bicone bead.
  3. Thread through the three beads at top of next bead loop.
  4. Repeat the above three processes to supply one 4mm bicone bead between each two bead loops.
  5. Remove the excess wire with pliers.
Complete the backside of flower pendant
Run the chain through the flower pendant and you are ready to flaunt your effort.

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