Kraft Monster : Gift Wrap for a Book Lover

Gift Wrap for a Book Lover

Gift wrap for a bat mitzvah


  • A book to be gifted
  • Cardstock
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Glue
  • Paper flower templates
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons
  • White tags 
  • Envelope (if you are gifting money to someone; so its optional)
  • An old book from your grandfathers' collection


For the Book Mark:

  1. First take an old yellowed book from your grandfathers' collection and select a page with pictures and words to be photocopied onto a card stock.
  2. Glue it on to a gift wrapping paper and let it dry.
  3. Then, we need to embellish it with a paper flower
  4. Download colour flower templates and cut them with the help of scissors
  5. Glue the parts of the flower and complete it
  6. Glue it on the Book mark head in such a way that the printed cardstock is at the backside
  7. The attractive book mark is ready

Complete Gift wrapping procedure:

  1. Wrap the book to be gifted in brown paper 
  2. You can tuck in the envelope with money inside it (if attending any such function)
  3. Next tie it up with a red ribbon and insert the Book Mark at an angle
  4. It should be in such a manner that the Flower shows up on top of the box
  5. Pin up a Yellow envelope with the “ congratulation” or “Best wishes” remark onto the book mark
  6. On the tag write your name
  7. This lovely gift wrap is sure to impress the one at the receiving end!

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