Kraft Monster : Gold Accented Holiday Gift Wrap

Gold Accented Holiday Gift Wrap

shiny holiday gift wrap


  • Plain white wrapping paper
  • Kraft wrapping paper
  • Twine & thin nylon string
  • Crepe paper streamers (in white, pink, black)
  • Gold fringe door curtain

shiny holiday gift wrap

  • Wrap crepe streamer around a package and embellish with one or several strips of gold (you can also twist the gold strips until they form a spiral – see black wrapping)
  • Tie thin nylon string around a wrapped gift, layer crepe streamer pieces and gold strips on top, then tie together centered with nylon string, so the crepe and gold strips form a bow.
  • Ruffle crepe streamer piece onto a gold strip and tie around a package (see pink images)
  • Simply grab a handful of either crepe paper and gold strips or only gold strips, wrinkle them up a little and layer onto a package, then tie around it with thin nylon string.
  • Make a pompom of crepe streamer (cut into strips as wide as the gold curtain strips) and gold strips and tie or glue onto a package.

hot pink holiday gift wrap

black gold holiday gift wrap


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