Kraft Monster : Gold painted Toy Animal Escort Cards

Gold painted Toy Animal Escort Cards



  • Krylon Metallic Gold Spray Paint
  • Lots of little toy animals (info in credits below)
  • Asmall hand saw or the like – you could even use a serrated kitchen knife
  • Anail file/buffer
  • Simple seating cards
  1. Make a small slice on the backs of each toy animal so that the escort card can be placed.
  2. Use a jewelry hand saw that has a tiny blade. Make the slice in the shape of 'V' so that the card stands comfortably in it.
  3. Plastic when cut leave behind a rubbery mess, clean up this mess with a nail file or a buffer.
  4. When all the animals are sliced they are ready for painting.
  5. Spray paint these all round and let dry. Krylon spray paint is amazing it dries in 5 mins.
  6. Design and print simple seating cards using any word processing program or you could write it.
Now you just added a touch of perfection to your well organized event and confusions out of the window!!!!!

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