Kraft Monster : Halloween Candles

Halloween Candles

bats_candle  skull_candle


  • Make your graphic 
  • Cut some tissue paper to slightly smaller than an 8.5 by 11 sheet of card stock.  You don’t want any tissue paper hanging over the edge, and it is easier to tape down if you cut it about 1/4 inch smaller all around.
  • Tape down the tissue paper.  Make sure that there is no tissue paper that is loose or your printer will jam (my paper wasn’t 100% taped down, and I was good to go.)
  • Run your cardstock with the tissue paper taped down through your printer.
  • Detach the tissue paper from the cardstock and put it up against your candle.  Pin it to the candle with stick pins and then trim off the extra tissue paper.
  • With a hair dryer set on high, heat the candle up gradually.  You will see the wax start to melt and kind of grab the paper.  (Note:  If you heat the candle too long it will get too melty and kind of wonky.)
  • Enjoy your fun new candles!!


Here's the graphic used for the tutorial: 

You may need to play with the percents on your printer so you get the right size for your candle.  I suggest printing on scrap paper and holding it up to your candle until you get the right size.


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