Kraft Monster : Happy Spring Framed Vase

Happy Spring Framed Vase

Hello Spring Framed Vase - A Tried & True Project



  1. Take a print out of what message you want to display on the frame. You can also use the “Happy Spring!” free printable if spring is far approachimg.
  2. Transfer onto the chalkboard by tracing over the letters with a piece of graphite paper underneath.
  3. Use the fine point permanent marker to trace the letters. Allow to dry.
  4. Mark and drill two small holes on the chalkboard to fix the vase. Wrap a piece of wire around the lip of the jar and insert into the drilled holes. Twist the wires together at the back of the chalkboard.
  5. Apply the Chevron Washi Tape to the edge of the frame.
  6. Fill the jar with fresh flowers or dried ones.

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