Kraft Monster : Ice Balloon Votive Holders

Ice Balloon Votive Holders


  • Working water faucet
  • Regular sized balloons
  • Bowl or other carrying container
  • Knife or other cutting instrument
  • Cold weather and soft snow
  • Patience
  1. Stretch the mouth of the balloon to fit the mouth of the water faucet. Open the faucet and fill the balloon with water holding on firmly.
  2. Carefully remove the balloon and tie a knot, water in the balloon should be filled only half-way through.
  3. Take the balloon carefully in a bowl outside and set the it in soft snow. The balloon should sink only half-way through in the snow
  4. Let the balloon set overnight in the soft snow.
  5. Morning feel the balloon so as to know whether the water on the top has frozen enough and still watery beneath.
  6. If so cut open the balloon and flip It over.
  7. Stick a light up a candle in it.

Finally you have made a super cool candle holder!!


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