Kraft Monster : Lace Patterned Notebook

Lace Patterned Notebook

Lace notebook1

Lace pattern notebook DIY

1. Supplies: Notebook with a fabric or canvas front, fabric spray paint, lace, scissors, packing tape, and a trash bag.

2. First, cut out a piece of lace slightly larger than the front of the notebook.

3. Tape the lace firmly to the insides of the front page. This will prevent the paint from accidentally slipping, smudging the design.

4. Place a trash bag underneath the notebook to keep your workspace from getting paint on it. Also, tuck one edge of the trash bag between the front cover and the pages to prevent it from leaking through. Then, spray away! Make sure to coat every part of the cover evenly.

5. Once the paint begins to dry, slowly remove the tape and lace.

6. Let it continue to dry for the next couple of hours before using the notebook.


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