Kraft Monster : Mini Succulent Garden

Mini Succulent Garden

Mini succulent gardens by The Little Green House


  •     Small pots for your succulents – second-hand or vintage glasses and teacups, or recycled pots and cans will all work well
  •     Small pebbles
  •     Soil
  •     A variety of succulent cuttings
  •     Pretty things to decorate – ribbons, decorative stones, buttons, crystals
  •     A popsicle stick
  •     Pretty paper
  •     Craft glue


  1. Collect and prepare your succulents: Like Clippings from cactus, agave, aloe and other plants. Clippings do need a little prior preparation. If you’re not sure, check out the step by step guide in the link below to cultivate succulents from clippings.
  2. Prepare your pots : If you’re using recycled cans or tin of some sort, you might like to consider painting the pots first with a rust proof primer. Or use vintage punch glasses. Next, line the base of your pots with small pebbles. These stop your little succulent’s feet from getting wet, preventing an onset of root rot (never nice). Then cover the pebbles with soil.
  3. Plant your succulents: Create small wells in the soil and pop in your succulents. Use succulents of different heights and texture for eye-catching, sparkly fun.
  4. Decorate : Use the pretty paper to create a cute card for your friend. Cut the popsicle stick in half lengthways to create a skinny stake and stick the card onto the tip. Then pop it into your succulent pot. Finish by covering the soil with decorative stones. A ribbon wrapped around the pot would also look super cute.
  5. Loving your succulents : Remember that succulents are desert plants so they need lots of natural light (think a bright windowsill) and very little water. Because these guys are in pots without drainage, extra care is needed so that the roots don’t end up sitting in water. Allow the soil to completely dry out before watering and make sure that any water in the pot doesn’t sit above the original layer of pebbles.

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