Kraft Monster : Nail Polish Storage

Nail Polish Storage



  • Find an old shoe box. Plain ones work just the same, but try finding one with a little charm! I grabbed this one because it had this pretty bright coral color on the inside!
  • Paint small white labels with each color of polish. Use white labels so you can really see the true color of the polish. Remember to keep the bottles lined up in the same order as the stickers so you don’t end up putting the wrong color on the wrong bottle! Once these labels with polish on them have fully dried, use a standard hole puncher to pop out circles from the label.
  • Apply the circle you punched out to the tops of the bottle.
  • Pick a pretty paper for your shoe box. I chose 2. I got gold tissue paper. I’m using the gold tissue paper for the lid. It’s fun to mix + match. Pattern on pattern would probably be really fun as well.
  • Cut and wrap your shoe box. I used spray adhesive from the craft store to attach the paper to my shoe box, but if you don’t have that you can just use scotch tape.
  • FILLERUP! Place the polishes in the shoe box in any order you want. I usually go rainbow-y so particular colors are easier to locate.

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