Kraft Monster : Pink Pleated Pillow

Pink Pleated Pillow

I cut my long piece of fabric into three sections.
like so. About the size of my pillow form, plus half.
Then free handed a ruffle on either side of the large piece of fabric
It looked like this after I was done.
Kinda billowy and full
Then I kinda pleated/folded the fabric to fit onto another square piece of fabric, the size of my pillow
I sewed up one side of the pleat onto the pillow sized piece... like so.
Here it is with ONE side done... so you can see what I mean.
( I don't know if you can see it, but the pillow sized piece of fabric is pieced together too.  You'll never see it, so it doesn't matter)
Then I sewed the other side of the pleated fabric onto the square pillow form, and flipped it right side out!
So it now looked like this!
I knew I wanted to make a "slip in back" (what is that really called? lol) for this pillow...
So I measured out some white fabric a little larger than my pillow form, cut it into two pieces...
And sewed a seam up each exposed side... and then sewed down a bit on the bottom and top, to keep it together... but still left an opening for the pillow to go into.
Then I attached the whole piece to the pleated piece...
And flipped it right side out!
Insert pillow...and you're done!
After that I took a needle and thread and attached the cute singed flowers that I did.
There you go!
So cute right?  And a little bit different!  I love it!
This wasn't the EASIEST project ever... but it's ME and a sewing machine... so I KNOW that ANYONE can do it!

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