Kraft Monster : Ring Pendant

Ring Pendant

1. Long nose plier
2. Round nose plier
3. 28 gauge non-tarnish Artistic wire 
4. 14K goldfilled ring
5. Swarovski crystals

Gold-filled is NOT the same as gold-plated. Gold-filled has 100 times more gold than gold-plated. It is durable and tarnish-resistant, which explains the cost. Of course you can always go for cheaper alternatives if you like. For my first piece, I didn't even use a 14K gold ring. I just coiled a few layers of wire together but that means more work and possibly more mess (although I kind of like the messy coils).

Step1: Cut a piece of wire long enough to coil all your beads around your ring.

Step 2: Make your first coil.

Step 3: Insert beads in an order of your liking with every coil. Repeat until first and last bead meets.

Step 4: Hold ends of wires together and twist one over the other.

Step 5: Cut the wire you just used to coil around the other as close in as possible.

Step 6: Circle the round nose plier with the remaining wire and coil it around itself under the plier. Snip off excess wire.

Step 7: Put a chain through the little hole made on top, wear it, feel pretty.


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