Kraft Monster : Rosette Lampshade

Rosette Lampshade


  • 3 to 5 yards of Fabric: Gauze Fabric or Muslin works best
    (depending on the size of your shade)
  • Plain White Lamp Shade 
  • Hot Glue Sticks & Glue Gun
  • Scissors


Roll out your fabric measuring 2.5 to 3 yards in length (for a medium size shade)

Make small cuts in your fabric (lengthwise) approx. 1 inch apart

Seperate and start to tear your fabric by holding the larger portion of the fabric with your left hand and ripping the strip with your right hand. When you cut fabric lengthwise, it naturally tears into a straight line since it is going with the seams/ thread.

Tear all of the fabric into strips until you end up with a large pile like this

Take an individual strip of fabric and ball up one end of the fabric by pinching the fabric in between your thumb and index finger, then wrap the strip of fabric around it. You will start to get a small rosette look as you keep pinching the fabric and twisting it around itself (like a cinnamon bun). Once you have the start to your rosette, make a small dab of hot glue and place the fabric over it.

 After you have twisted the beginning of your strip of fabric, place it on a table, with your hands on either end of the strip. With your left finger, hold the end of the left side of the strip down. With your right hand, wrap the remainder of the strip of fabric around the center starting point (while keeping it twisted). This should create a cinnamon bun effect. To hold the flower securely together, place dots of glue using a hot glue gun every so often while assembling it together. 
TIP: To create various sizes of roses, take your torn strips and cut them to different lengths.

Keep twisting the fabric, you will use the whole length of the fabric strip.
Your rosette will end up looking like this. Once you come to the end of the fabric, glue the excess amount onto the back of the rose, holding it all together & giving it a more finished look

Make A LOT of rosettes! You will end up needing approx 50 to cover a medium size shade.
Then, start hot gluing them into your shade. Tip: use a lot of hot glue! 

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