Kraft Monster : Stamped Clay Bowls

Stamped Clay Bowls

Diy Stamped Air Dry Clay Bowls


  • Air dry clay
  • Stamps or anything else you could use to make an impression 
  • An ink pad 
  • A set of small bowls 
  • A rolling pint 
  • A knife 
  • And some sandpaper


  1. First take the air dry clay and knead it well to roll out using a rolling pint into 5mm thickness
  2. Dip your stamp in ink and press firmly onto the clay. Repeat till you have covered the whole clay.
  3. Don't press the clay too hard otherwise it could stick to the table
  4. Now take your bowl and place it upside down over the clay design
  5. With the help of a knife cut out the circle outline carefully
  6. Peel away the remaining clay to laeve the circle behind which will form the bowl
  7. Lift your clay circle gently to and place it inside the bowl
  8. Gently press down with your thumbs
  9. Leave it overnight to dry
  10. Repeat it for as many bowls you want
  11. If the bottom is wet the next morning place it upside down on the cooler wire rack to dry completely
  12. Sand away any rough edges for a smooth finish
  13. Decorate the edges in silver or golden colors
  14. You can also varnish them for a glossy finish

The Bowls are ready!


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