Kraft Monster : The Runway to Gorgeous Skin

The Runway to Gorgeous Skin


  • Strap in or grab on to the backside of the bristles (instead of holding the long handle) so you have full control and all of your strength.
  • Start with one thigh and swirl in all directions with slight pressure. You’ll see the skin start to flake and fall off. Don’t forget the back and sides of the thigh where cellulite tends to be more prevalent.
  • Keep swirling all over the thigh for 90 seconds then repeat on the other thigh.
  • Move onto your lower legs (our shins tend to be the driest) and spend 90 seconds swirling each.
  • Repeat on your arms, stomach, chest and back (basically your entire body but avoid areas with body acne or eczema).
  • Finish by applying your favorite body oil all over.
  • It’s great to get in the habit of doing this before you shower because the oil will protect you from the drying hot water. Try it daily for a month and come back and let us know in the comments below if it helped. We’d love to know!


  • Restores radiance to skin
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Rejuvenates the nervous system
  • Removes dead skin, revealing a fresh glow
  • Can,overtime,smooth cellulite(rumor has it)
  • Increases Lymphatic Drainage
  • Improves skin texture and elasticity



  • Always brush towards the heart 
  • Use long, upward, overlapping strokes
  • Avoid skin that is broken or wounded
  • It is normal for the skin to turn slightly pink
  • The best time to dry brush is in the morning before a shower
  • Clean brush with soap and water


  • Spend extra time on areas that tend to be more stagnant, like the inner thigh.



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