Kraft Monster : Tissue Christmas Trees

Tissue Christmas Trees

Make tree forms with cups and cardstock. Just make a cone out of cardstock, place it on top of the cup & tape it to the rim of the cup.

I wanted mine to be 3 different sizes, so I just added a second cone on top of the first, to make it taller.

To make the rosette tissue tree I cut strips of tissue paper approx. 1.5" thick.
I bought a pack of shiny gold tissue paper at Walmart for $1.00.

I twisted all those strips of tissue at one time, so the process would go faster (In all reality, this project is NOT FAST & I wouldn't start unless you want to spend a lot of time on it.)

Then I twisted them into rosettes and used hot glue to keep the shape.
I hot glued them to the tree shape. I kind of had to squish them together so you couldn't see the red cardstock. It might be easier to use the same color cardstock as tissue :)

I made different sizes of rosettes to change it up a bit and to fit in all the cracks where red was peeking through.

The red tissue tree didn't take as long to make, but it was still pretty time consuming.
I cut 1.5" x 1.5" squares & that was pretty easy with my rotary cutter.
For instructions on this tree, go here to Spunky Junky Blog.

These two were lonely on the counter for days because I was kinda burnt out on making them.

Just yesterday I got the idea of how I wanted to make my third tree. I knew it was going to be green to go with my other decor and I knew I wanted it to be different from the other two trees.

 I cut 1.5" strips and twisted them just like I did for my rosettes.

Then I simply hot glued them onto the tree shape in rows.

This is also similar to trees that are made of yarn and such. I didn't go around the tree like a continuous strip, so I kind of have this cool design on the back from where the "seam" is (at least it looks like a seam).

I just love the different textures. I think I'm going to add something more to my green tree, like glitter and maybe some other embellishment, but it's LATE and I better go to bed :)

I really do love the end result, but I will warn you again that these are not quick crafts.
Thanks Spunky Junky for the idea and the rest of the Internet for the inspiration!!

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