Kraft Monster : Tribal Necklace

Tribal Necklace

needed necklace with beads Pyssla


  1. Cut a piece of string 1 meter long and dupilcate as many you want
  2. Fold the thread in half and bead a thread till 1cm of the string still remains. Looks like a loop at the top of the string.
  3. Continue threading the beads 1/4 the way through and tie a knot. This would make the center string of the neck piece.
  4. For others on each side of it reduce threading one or two beads(descending order) for each string.
  5. Run a long piece of string through the loops formed by these beaded strings. For closure slip in two beads at one end of this string and run the other end through the same beads in the opposite direction so that once wore and pulled the necklace freezes.

You are done. Go wild!!


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