Kraft Monster : Up Your Brow Game

Up Your Brow Game

eyebrow tips

1. Try two colors.

Using just one product will get the job done, but to take your brows from basic to bold, try adding a second color. Choose a product that packages the shades you need together, like the Urban Decay Brow Box, and use the lighter shade to fill in the sparse areas in your eyebrows. Use the darker shade to enhance the arch and define the bottom edge.


2. Brush them up.

Instead of brushing every last brow hair into place, brush them up. Set aside your perfectionist tendencies and embrace the big brows trend by using a spoolie or a flat toothbrush to brush your eyebrows up and out. The best part is brushed-up brows look their finest when you’re going au naturel. Just use a tinted brow gel to drive the look home. We love Lancôme Modéle Sourcils Brow Groomer.


3. Give the tweezers a rest.

Step away from the magnifying mirror. One surefire way to up your brow game is to grow them out. Give the tweezers a rest and let Mother Nature have her way with your eyebrows. And if Mother Nature needs a little encouragement, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced will give them the boost they need.


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