Kraft Monster : Vintage Style Wedding Tiara

Vintage Style Wedding Tiara



  • Beads (pearls, crystals, etc). 
  • Metal headband and metal wire; they may be silver plated, of gold plated, or copper, but preferably of color matches to the beads. 
  • Cutters and pliers.
  1. Cut a 70 cm wire and start spinning it around the headband 7-9 cm from the center to its edge.
  2. Every few turns add one bead and make a loop. Torque the loop with bead to make wire stem with the bead on its end,
  3. Continue till the end of the wire adding various kinds of beads.
  4. Secure the end of the wire using a plier. Use glue if necessary.
  5. Spread the stems with beads to make beautiful bouquet.
Now you are ready to wear your unique wedding tiara!!!! Or even gift it away for your bride-to-be friend, sure she will appreciate it!!!!!

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