Kraft Monster : Wrapped Wire Rings

Wrapped Wire Rings


  • Beads you love! 
  • 20 Gauge Silver Plated Copper Wire
  • Ring Sizer
  • Wire Cutters
  • Jewelry Pliers


  1. Cut about 12-14 inches of wire.  Center your bead, and bend each side down slightly so that your bead doesn’t go anywhere.
  2. Place the bead in the groove of your ring sizer, and wrap each end of the wire around the mandrel once (which is really just a fancy word for the ring sizer).  
  3. Check the size of where you’re going to begin wrapping.  Wire wrapping has a way of tightening as you work, so I recommend aiming for a half-size larger than the size you’re planning to make. 
  4. If you’re not sure what size to make, 7 is a pretty common size. Once you have each end of the wire wrapped around the mandrel, bend each end around the bead.
  5. Now that your have your basic form started, you can remove it from the mandrel to work on it.  Just take those wire ends, and wrap them around the bead.  I work counter-clockwise but it really doesn’t matter if you do it the opposite – but both wire ends do need to be wrapped in the same direction.
  6. Wrapped-wire-rings-Crafts-Unleashed-5
  7. When you get to the ends and there is about an inch or so of wire left, wrap one of the tail ends around the base of the ring 3-4 times.  You will likely need your pliers to do this.  If you have excess, just cut it off.  You can file the end of the wire if you want, but I found that as long as I made sure that the end was on the top of the ring (as opposed to your finger-side) just pressing it tight with my pliers was sufficient.
  8. And that’s all it takes!  You may need to slip your wrapped wire rings back onto the ring sizer to smooth out anywhere you bent it while working. 

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