Kraft Monster : Yarn Wrapped Candles

Yarn Wrapped Candles

  • LED pillar candles
  • Yarn in your choice of colors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
1. Put a dab of hot glue on the candle where you want to start wrapping the yarn and press the end of the yarn into it.

2. Start wrapping the yarn around the candle, pulling taut and using your thumb to push the yarn rows close together so there are no gaps in between rows.


3. When you have the yarn band as wide as you want it, cut the yarn and adhere with another dab of hot glue (this can be the back side of the candle, so it is OK if a little of the glue shows). Repeat with another color if you want.


It literally takes just a few minutes to wrap the yarn around the candles and give them a whole new look for fall. These would be fun on a mantel, as a table centerpiece, or on your outdoor patio (just don't keep them out in the sun during the day or they will lose their shape).


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