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West Elm Shoulder Bag
You can create this West Elm Shoulder Bag for a fraction of the cost!
Decorative Bow Headband
DIY Cute headband for your everyday use
Dogwood Branches
Pretty Blooming branches using Italian Crepe paper. Printable pattern included.
Flip Flop Back Straps
Super Cute Interchangeable Back Straps - make a pair or two for your little girl
Make your own Washi Tape
Don't like paying much for washi tapes? Create your own then!
Leather Hair Bow
Learn how to make this beautiful hair accessory in simple steps!
Glitter Slime
Kid Friendly, super cool summer/school project.
Tribal Necklace
Love Tribal jewelry, make yourself one!!
Nail Polish Storage
A smart way to store your nail polish
Leather Card Holder
Simple easy DIY to organize your cards
Cuff Earrings
A very pretty cuff earing worth all your effort, sure to turn heads!!
Recycled Denim Basket
Got some old denims, and don't know what to do with them? Here's what you can do!
Shoe Makeover - Lacy Flats
Give your old ballet shoes a pretty makeover with some gorgeous lace!
Jewelled Bobby Pins
Don't throw away your broken Jewellery yet! Here's something creative you can do from it.
DIY Marble Effect Shirt
Give your classic white shirt a pretty marble makeover
Flower Clips
Add some adorable flowers to your plain clips! Clip makeover!!
Baby Bibs
Super Cute, adorable, handmade baby bibs - perfect gift for a baby shower
Printed Pumps
A makeover worth for your plain pumps you wear quite often....
DIY Chain Hair Pins
You can make in less than 5 minutes and it will give you a special touch to any hairstyle you wear on the 'amour' day!
Felt Balls
Transform shapeless wool fibers into colorful felt balls.
Doily Necklace
Love simplicity and elegance this neck piece adds a classy touch for your little black dress
Air-dry Clay Jewellery Bowls
Cute little clay bowls to store your hair ties and jewellery in - make them in a variety of colors
Geometric Drinking Glass
Fancy up your drinking glasses
Needles & Notions Zippered Pouch
Adorable zippered pouches - sew and store!
Shamrock Headband
Accessories for for St. Patrick's Day!
DIY Tea Towels
Make these sweet little tea towels - you may use the template included or can design your own
Hair Comb Makeover
Learn how to make your own set of hair accessories with this tutorial
Baby Drool Bandana
An easy and cheap DIY for moms to their drooling and teething babies! You need to have them in numbers . .
Terry Burp Cloths
Sew your own terry burp cloths for your infant. You'll need plenty of them for sure!
Wrapped Wire Rings
Pretty beads and some wire is all you need to whip up this 5 minute jewellery project
Confetti Tape
Confetti tapes - decorate possibly anything! A gift bag or an envelope, tent cards or greeting cards.
Spring Hair pins
Spare five minutes to make these super pretty hair pins
Feather Topped Pencils
A fun summer craft to keep your kids busy!
Stencilled Shopper Tote
Decorate your blank canvas totes with these easy steps
Gorgeous Flip Flops
Give your flip flop a pretty makeover!
DIY Hair Ties
Probably the most easiest DIY ever! Gather those pretty elastics - they make great party favors!
Circular Quilted Placemats
A fun project to spruce up your dining table
Vintage Style Wedding Tiara
Make something unique and beautiful for your / your dear one's wedding
Glitter Heart Valentine's Pin
A super cute glitter pin/hair clip that also doubles as a card for your favorite Valentine.
Buttoned Baby Booties
A perfect fast and easy knit for a beginner to try out. Free patterns available inside!
Harlequin Crocheted Cushion
Add some color to your living space with this fun, bold cushion, using Tunisian crochet.
Vintage Sheet Mini Bunting
Cute and Easy Party DIY. You can add this to the top of a cake or between two bottles!
Painted Umbrellas
Paint away your plain, boring umbrellas!
Felt Flower Bouquet
Learn how to make Wedding bouquet with Felt flowers
Feathers & Bling
Simple and easy hair fascinator
40 Ways to Tie a Scarf
wear it as you please!
Memory Wire Bracelet
Memory Wire jewellery need minimal supplies - you can make this bracelet in less than 20 minutes. Check out!
Washi Bike Makeover
Love your bike too much?! Add your colorful attribute to it by simply giving a washi touch
Heart Pouch
Win hearts by gifting this cute Danish heart pouch on Valentine's
Costomize Your Notebook
Turn your boring Notebook to an attractive one - follow the simple steps in this tutorial
Jumbo Heart Bobby Pins
Try these pretty heart bobby pins. Make. Wear. Flaunt
Baby Mobile - Tutorial
Make a personalized baby mobile with these easy step-by-step photo instructions for your little one!
Pretty Recycled Storage Containers
Don't throw away your recyclable cans - turn them into pretty storage containers
Beaded Collar Neckpiece
Love statement neck pieces, make this colorful one yourself!!
Confetti Votive Candle Holders
Super easy votive holder, great for a party but fun for everyday!
Glitter Necklace
Glam up with this shiny, easy-to-make neckpiece.
Washi Coasters
No time to buy new coasters for your evening tea party, try this simple and quick coaster makeover
Suede & Chain Woven Bracelet
Easy DIY Bracelet with step-by-step instructions
Feather Party Glass
Something Fancy for your table decorations
Bohemian Flower Headband
You can make this in minutes and also wear it in different ways
Fabric Paper flowers and Hairband
An easy and fun craft that you could do along with kids to engage them
Stamped Clay Bowls
Make these pretty bowls that can adore your bedside tables to store your knick-knacks
DIY Baby Bibs
Some quick-stitch cute baby bibs to keep your little one clean and dry!
Baby Mobile - Image Inspiration
Make your own special and cute baby mobile for your little darling - get inspired right here!
Washi Tape Hair Pins
Make your hair pins look adorable using washi tapes
DIY Cord Wrap
A cute little organizer to keep your cables in a place
Envelope Pillow
Sew up your own lovely pillow for that chair on your terrace!
Ribbon-flower Hair band
A cute gift to your princess!!!
Rope Bracelet
Make this Cute Simple bright rope bracelet within few easy steps
Felt Ranunculus
Handmade felt flowers - sturdy & adorable!
Laundry Bags
Useful and fun laundry bags
Custom Coasters
Personalize plain cork coasters to cute designs of your chioce. Get inspired here!
Fabric Flower Garland
use them at your parties or just as a home decor element - simple to make lovely to look at!
Love floral embroidery.... turn on your simple plain clutch into a flowery beautiful one!!
Fabric Wrapped Bracelets
Funky Bangles - Match em up with your outfit for the day
PVC Pipes Hair Tools Organizer
Not one of the prettiest way to store your hair tools, but it gets the job done. Plus, it'll be under the sink and who actually looks down there?
Fabric Headband
Fabric headbands for your little girls
Clay Pendants
Beautiful clay pendants to match up your color mood of the day