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DIY Gel Liner
Turn any kohl pencil into intense gel liner
Wrap Around - Side braid
Easy to learn - Mimi Ikonn's side braid tutorial
Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub
Rejuvenating scrub made in seconds, just what you want for your skin
DIY Nail Polish Remover Jar
Just dip your finger in to get the nail paint off!
The Nude Nail Polish Guide
Pick the perfect nude nail paint to suit your skin tone
The Runway to Gorgeous Skin
Dry brushing - your way to the Gorgeous Skin!
Brush Care
Learn how to clean your hair brush at home
Up Your Brow Game
3 Simple ways to up your eyebrows
Fishtail Braids
Step-by-step guide to a fancy fishtail braid
Baby Rose Sugar Scrub
Sugar and Rose petals - a DIY homemade scrub
Vintage Vibe Hairstyle
Try out a vintage hairstyle today!
Homemade Lip Scrub
Now exfoliate your lips with 3 simple ingredients from your kitchen
DIY Lavender Mint Balm
Your skin will love this, Try it!!
Ginger Detox Bath-Soak
Use your kitchen ingredients to create this simple ginger detox
Twist Doughnut Bun
A quick hair updo for any occasion
Rose Chamomile Scrub
Exotic Facial Scrub DIY
Matte Nail Polish
Make your own Matte Nail Polish
Messy French Twist
Make this pretty hairstyle yourself in an easy way!
The Brush Guide
Everything you should know about the different types of brushes - be it hair or make up brush!
PVC Pipes Hair Tools Organizer
Not one of the prettiest way to store your hair tools, but it gets the job done. Plus, it'll be under the sink and who actually looks down there?
Berry Lip Balm
Easy DIY Berry Lip Balm
Daytime Concealer Trick
Hide the dark circles, brighten your eyes!
Nail Polish Storage
A smart way to store your nail polish
DIY Shaving Cream
For a lusciously smooth and fragrant skin
DIY Lotion Bars
Pure Nature to your Skin
Chevron Nails
DIY Chevron Manicure
DIY Matte Lipstick
Turn any lipstick into a matte lipstick - save your buck!
Vanilla Lip Balm
Homemade Lip Balm - for those kiss-a-liscious lips
Make-Up Brush Storage Ideas
Here are a few ways to make your grooming products easily accessible and stylishly contained.