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Washi Tape

Washi Bike Makeover
Love your bike too much?! Add your colorful attribute to it by simply giving a washi touch
Washi Keyboard
A pretty facelift for your MacBook keyboard
Mini Party Decor with Washi Tape Decor
mini washi tape flags as your party decor
Washi Wrapped Wood Forks
Incredibly easy and adds color to any occasion!
Washi Tape Pennants
Have a party coming up? make these cute washi tape pennants from toothpicks and stick them into whatever you are serving!
Washi Coasters
No time to buy new coasters for your evening tea party, try this simple and quick coaster makeover
Washi Tape Feathers
Fun to make - washi tape feathers. How would YOU use them?
Washi Labels
Confused which cable is for what and where does it go?!! Solved....... Simply label each with Washi tape
Washi Tape Gift Packs
See how cute your gifts can look using washi tapes
Washi Nail Art
Dress up your nails using interesting funky washi tapes
Washi Tape Favor Bags
Need favor bags for an upcoming party? Make them with washi tape and parchment papers!
Lampshade washi
Update your lampshade with the cool prints of the Japanese Washi to match up to your decor
Spring Treats with Washi Tapes
Pack your treats with washi tape. Its yummy inside out!
Washi Book Makeover
Does your favourite book need a new look? Simply use washi tape to fall in love with it again!
Washi Dressed Candles
Washi tape candles - to make your cake look more tempting and fun!
Washi Tape Bookmarks
Make some easy patterned bookmarks using paper tape.
Easter Egg Holders
Keep your eggs from rolling . . Make these decorated paper holders
Make your own Washi Tape
Don't like paying much for washi tapes? Create your own then!
Window Louvre
Make a markable difference to your decor by colorizing your window louvres using Washi
DIY Washi Table
Reinvent your boring table by giving it colorful touch using Washi tape
Washi Tape Hair Pins
Make your hair pins look adorable using washi tapes
Washi Tape Twist Ties
Make your own twist ties using washi tape
Price Tags
Adorable, eye catching price tags that are reusable!